Luna’s First Meme Cat with an Anime NFT Staking Experience

The project is developed in the direction focusing on NFTs, staking rewards and comical anime stories to give Saylor Moon fans an experience of the journey to the moon with the mooncat Luna

Main Feature Points

Anime Moonlight Driven on the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem

Luna (ルナ) is a character in the Sailor Moon anime franchise. She is a black cat who has the ability to talk, and serves as a mentoring figure for the titular character and her companions, the Sailor Guardians.

The Sailor Guardians saw what happened to $LUNA in May and decided to team up and save the world by sending Luna, the cat, to the moon!

BSC Ecosystem


Staking Platform

Non Fungible Art

Deflationary Model


NFT Staking Available on Launch!
Buy, Stake and Earn!

You can earn your $LUNACat tokens by staking your NFT through our dApp directly. Mint your NFT on the Binance Smart Chain and deposit it into the staking pool. Your staking APY will depend on the rarity of the NFT you hold!

How to buy Luna Cat Token

Luna Cat Token is currently only listed on DEXs, and is soon to be listed on new CEXs, here is how to buy LUNACAT on PancakeSwap:


Luna Cat Token has been distributed as follow. You can also check token shares from sites like BSCscan.

Luna Cat (LUNACAT)

Token Name


Total Supply (100%)


Staking (30%)


Presale (29%)


Liquidity (16%)


Burn (10%)


Ecosystem (10%)


Marketplace (5%)

Earn as much as 3,750% APY via Staking!

Only 1,000 first edition NFT’s will be available for grabs with different rarities defining your staking rewards


You can choose to lock your NFTs to increase your APY

The sooner you mint the cheaper the NFTs!

How to Mint & Stake Luna NFT

Road Map

What Luna Cat, has done, what will do, you can check here. This section will be updated frequently. Stay tuned!

May 2022

Luna Cat Branding
NFT designing
Website live
Writing contracts
Press release

June 2022

Presale goes live
Listing on DEX
NFT sale goes live
Staking goes live
Listing on first CEX
Listing on CMC/CG

August 2022

Listing on BitMart
3D NFT goes live
NFT Marketplace live
Weibo marketing
Charity donation
Comics series

July 2022

Listing on HotBit
Billboard Promotions
3D NFT design
NFT Marketplace reveal
Trending on Japan media


Listing on MXC
Big Partnerships
Burn events
NFT Marketplace marketing
TikTok competitions

Q4 2022

Listing on Gate
Auto staking introduction
2Earn concept integration
Partnership with Otherside
Metaverse land integration on MANA


Rayan Jooni


Adam King



Project Manager

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